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A Little Peach Pit Adventure

Little Peach Pit - Wholesome

When Little Peach Pit leaves its lovely orchard and takes a walk to the city, it finds out its friends are facing serious problems that we all can help solve. Large and small, Little Peach Pit learns that everything around us plays a part in providing a wholesome environment for all to enjoy.

  • “Wholesome” by Grace Nava is a fun, fast read that is sure to delight! Really interesting and draws you in right away. I love the idea of the Little Peach Pit leaving the orchard and discovering more about the environment, and teaching children valuable lessons along the way! From bees, to clouds, even to the big city, Peach Pit learns more about the natural world and how important it is to care for it and how everything is connected. We enjoyed the lively drawings and it’s excellently edited, too! We enjoyed this as much as we did the first book, “The Little Peach Pit” (check it out) and I think the author is onto something special here. It will be fun to see where she takes us next – the possibilities seem endless! A fun book that we’ll be sure to read again and again that children will enjoy while also learning important lessons about ecology and recycling. (5 stars) Sherrie Warner–Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
  • I gave this book a well-deserved 5 stars for a few reasons. I am a nature lover and I appreciate the author’s unique take on making this one more special, and not just being ‘about’ pollution and the importance of recycling, but actually making it part of the story with the characters in a natural way. This is the first I’ve read that is done this way and it works well – very organic feel! And then tying a plot neatly around it so that it makes sense and is actually interesting. 2nd reason is small children will like it because they enjoy animal stories and outdoor/nature stories. Many younger children have never learned about conservation or recycling and this is a wonderful way to let them know about them and spread awareness. And the 3rd reason is because it is a good story that tells a positive message in a sweet, uplifting way incorporating a cute character (Peach Pit) elements of nature, and a sense of responsibility for our environment and our Earth.. Thank you to the author for putting these all up together. Every child should have this book, and older readers will like it too. (5 stars) Nicola Flood–Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
  • “Wholesome” by Grace Nava is such a cute story! And the illustrations really help the book to come alive–This book is probably suited more for the 5 and up crowd, as there are longer sections of text that will be too much for real young readers, and they might need some help with explaining some concepts – (there is a handy vocabulary guide at the end)… But they will enjoy having the story read to them, and the pictures are really charming, and it’s great for them to learn about how to better improve the environment. Go Little Peach Pit! It is a sure winner with the kiddos… a fun, adventurous, ‘wholesome’ tale that gets them excited about the environment and nature! Hope Ms. Nava continues to write books like this one. Recommend for ages 4 and up. (4-5 stars) Tabitha Parks–Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
  • This was a very cute book and easy to read. Great text/picture ratio and the writing had great descriptions and rhythm. Easy to understand concepts and words, and even a few that will have to be explained to the younger ones (this is a good thing) and there are sources at the end of the story to help with this. Feel like it opened our eyes to some of the effects of pollution and how everything is connected – the sky, soil, insects, plants, etc… Like that it also gives actual tips of how to help better our environment. A great message for children, and I’m sure older readers will enjoy it as well. (4 stars) Essie Harmon–Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
  • We read the first book by Grace Nava, “The Little Peach Pit” and really enjoyed it. So we were interested in following its adventures once it left the orchard and headed to the big city. The way the author brings not only the various ‘characters’, but the other elements of nature to life, it is so genuine and real, and the story had much more depth and substance than I was expecting, which was a good thing. Really teaches an important lesson about our role in being responsible for our actions in the environment, how waste and pollution can affect more things than you may realize at first. It felt very ‘kid-friendly’, where the story is still fun and cute, even though it is also imparting valuable life lessons. A terrific addition to our book collection and we are eager to read more adventures of Little Peach Pit. (4 stars) Anabella Johnson–Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
  • Well-written, fun and entertaining tale, “Wholesome” by Grace Nava is definitely one of those books that is as fun to read for the adults as it is for the children. The illustrations add a great accent and life to the story, but while some children’s books absolutely must rely on the pictures to keep the child’s attention, this book definitely does not… It has some interesting information about the outdoors and some effects of pollutants on the environment, and while we are leaning things, it doesn’t feel “teachy” (which can turn children off). The story is captivating and heart-warming and with great pacing. Highly recommended for young readers. (5 stars) Stacy Decker–Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers

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