The Party

Diversity is fun!

A Little Peach Pit Adventure


Little Peach Pit started to feel that life would be easier if its friends were not so different, so much that it wished all of them looked like peach pits too. Find out what happens when its wish is granted in “The Party,” Pit’s newest adventure.

  • Paula rated it really liked it – Different Is Good
    In our society, children often feel so great pressure to be normal and like everyone else. Teaching kids that we’re all different in own special way and helping them to recognize that in others can help them accept themselves as well as others. In the newest book in Little Peach Pit Adventures Series, Little Peach Pit starts to feel that life would be better if all his friends were not so different and he wishes all of them looked like peach pits, too. What happens and what he learns when his wish is granted in The Party: Diversity is fun by Grace Nava teaches young readers the importance of being different. Thanks to a message that is beautifully articulated in language that young readers can relate to and understand they also learn about the acceptance and appreciation of the differences among us. My only wish is for the ability to enlarge the font of this book as I often do with many of the books that I read to my grandchildren on my Kindle. Overall, this is a wonderful book from the fun and colorful artwork to the smooth flow of the storyline. It is one that I would recommend with confidence to my family and friends.
  • Julie Baswell rated it it was amazing
    Peach Pit was having a great day on the farm. Everything was in bloom, and all the animals were happy and fed. So, he had the idea of giving a party. He made hats for everyone, but didn’t take into account their various shapes and sizes. Millet and Pinto Bean were swallowed up by their hats. As the party turned into a disaster, Peach Pit wished that all his friends were like him. When his wish comes true, Pit is happy again. But the change caused many problems and Pit realizes that there are reasons why everyone is different.I liked this story and thought it was a clever attempt at teaching diversity. The characters were so cute and interesting. I could see many lessons taught in this story. First and foremost is how much diversity is needed. Then, of course, there’s working together and not trying to change your friends. It also introduced the child to the workings of a farm. I loved everything about the story. This author has a great imagination, as well as storytelling skills. The illustrations were perfect and the story was the right length for a bedtime read in my opinion. I would definitely keep this one.

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