Little Peach Pit

A story about perseverance and friendship

Little Peach Pit
Little Peach Pit

Little Peach Pit confronts bullying and other difficulties during its growth, but overcomes them with the help of a Higher Power, perseverance, and hard work.

  • This was the first book I’ve read from Grace Nava, but we sure hope it won’t be the last! We loved it! My children and I really enjoyed Ms. Nava’s storytelling abilities and the style of writing she uses—the distinctive ‘voice’ that is so fun and children can easily relate to and enjoy.  It is so simple and easy to read, but each sentence and page packs so much energy and imagery that you really get a bang for your buck. Wonderful drawings and a positive message of perseverance, kindness, and not bullying others. Recommend for ages 3-8 and great to have in any home library. (5 stars) Anabella Johnson — Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Indie Book Reviewers
  • When I read picture books with my son, it seems often we like the illustrations and the text isn’t that entertaining, or we like the story, but the pictures are lacking. But we enjoyed how seamlessly everything flowed in “Little Peach Pit” by Grace Nava. We enjoyed the imaginative characters, and thought the whole story and its themes were just delightful. Perfect blend of fun, adventure, and friendship. Nearly flawless editing, but I do wish the text was spaced out a bit more (and not all left-justified). But still a visual delight! A must read for picture book readers. (4-5 stars) Cale Owens — Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Indie Book Reviewers
  • For young reader picture books, author voice is almost everything, and it will make or break a child’s enjoyment of it. They need to hear originality and know that the author is not trying to sound or write like someone else, but is telling the story in a whole new way, whatever that story may be in an engaging, authentic manner. Kids can smell a fake a mile away, and believe me I’ve read my fair share of books from authors who “try” to have the voice and personality, but fail. “Little Peach Pit” delivers on all accounts in an impressive way. Very creative, charming, and great energy. The storylines were simple and matched the pictures (which were simple, but quite charming to look at). Has a nice hook and a powerful and important moral at the end. A great read, and will be looking for more from Grace Nava. Recommend for ages 3 and up through adults (hey, I liked it too!). (5 stars) Stacy Decker — Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Indie Book Reviewers
  • “Little Peach Pit” by Grace Nava is a fantastically- written and creative book that is aimed at the young readers, and they will love sinking their teeth into this one! It stands out to me in terms of originality, even if some elements and themes are familiar. Ms. Nava has her own unique voice and writing style that makes it feel fresh and exciting. We definitely enjoyed the personality of The Little Peach Pit/Peach Tree, and the creativity and positive messages of the whole story. The story glides from scene to scene effortlessly, and the author shows exceptional ability when it comes to storytelling for younger readers. Recommend! (5 stars) Nicole Hastings — Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Indie Book Reviewers
  • I read this book to my kids to see what they would think of it, and I received very good feedback. They loved the story and the illustrations. This book was short enough to hold their attention, but long enough for it to be a bed time story that they want read night after night. They loved the seeds as the ‘characters”, and they definitely got emotionally involved with the relationship of Peach Pit with the other characters. Opened a great dialogue of the importance of friendship and accepting others and not bullying… Lovely illustrations as well. I hope Grace Nava continues on writing stories like these. (4 stars) Sherri Warner — Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Indie Book Reviewers
  • First off, I have to say how happy I am that this is a great book that my children enjoyed that wasn’t all rhyming! Usually that is all the younger ones want to hear, but I suppose the adorable pictures and emotion-packed and easily-understandable storyline of these unique characters were good enough! The fast pace and lively drawings helped to keep them interested, and they certainly loved the ending. We’ve already read it a few times and as a mother I recommend it wholeheartedly for the wonderful life lessons it teaches our children. Recommend for ages 3-8. (5 stars) Jenna Brewster — Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Indie Book Reviewers
  • Little Peach Pit is recommended for readers of preschool age through second grade, though younger children would also enjoy it. Children of all ages will learn about how to handle bullying as well as how to use their conscience and work ethic to persevere so they can become what they are meant to be, just like the little peach pit. — Foreword ReviewNava does an admirable job of generating sympathy for the protagonist, who just wants to fit in and do his job well. She introduces concepts of prayer and perseverance in an easy, nondenominational manner. — Kirkus Review

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